Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dorm Life

I just realized I never posted pictures of my dorm! It has gone through several transformations (ie got messier, holiday decorations, mostly got messier) as the year has gone on. Here is what I did!

20x30 sq. ft. of awesome

Extra storage. And no, I don't play the cello.

The comfiest bed known to college students. And man.

The desk. Where the facebooking, I mean uh, homework happens.

Vintage owl, Ikea frames, hand embroidered hoops by moi, painting by Elsie Flannigan


We couldn't bear to take down the they are still up!

Our door. We love chalkboards.

Valentine's Day Banner courtesy of Mom!

The Day of Love

I love Valentine's Day. A lot. It's the cutest holiday, by far. This year, mom sent me a package of fun things to make cute cards with so we had a little hall activity! I hadn't gotten those creative juices pumping in a very long time so when it came time to make cards, I crancked out something like 9 cards. Sheesh. It had been way too long! Here is what I made!