Saturday, April 13, 2013

Work in progress and a little Parks & Rec

So, this isn't the promised blog revamp. Just a...sorta-vamp. I took a design class this year so I figured I would have no problem designing my blog. Well, I didn't have a problem designing it but boy, actually putting it in some sort of language a computer can read...that's another question...

 In the meantime, this will do. I'll find some one who can teach me the technical stuff. Or I'll fork over the $100 to have someone do it. (Oh my heart, it hurts!) Or maybe I'll do both.

 Anywho, I threw a fun party a while ago (*cough* February 13 *cough*) for GALENTINE'S DAY! As an aspiring Leslie Knope, it only fit.

Blurry iPhone photos or it didn't happen!

Gifts for the Gals, Photo Booth props (that we forgot to use) and a little last minute Valentine artwork.

Close up. Don't mind the fold in the middle of the picture. I forgot that an 8.5x11 piece of paper doesn't quite fit in a 8x10 frame #reasonimaPRmajor

We did Leslie proud and had a waffle bar

The Gals. Some thought it was a goofy picture, apparently.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Can't stop, won't stop

So, I DO have some new stuff coming for ya. (Perhaps a new blog design...???)

I have been wearing cute clothes, just haven't been documenting it.

I have had some entertaining things happen to me, just haven't documented them.

So to get you through these next few weeks, check out my Facebook for random updates and thoughts. (People tell me they're good?)

And watch this video on repeat and pine for summer....

Monday, November 19, 2012

That awkward moment when you title a post "that awkward moment when..."

I generally am not a very awkward person. I can usually say what I mean and if something embarrassing does happen, I laugh it off as good story for later (oh boy, do I have a doozy for you later). There is one time when I just exude awkwardness. Its at any door on campus. (long explanation first, funny story second)

Getting into a building is like an intricate dance for me. Should I speed up because this person is going to hold the door? Should I slow down, let this person get in the door and then hit the button? Ok slow down. Oh shoot. They're holding it open but I already hit the button. "Oh, yeah, uh, thanks! Have a good day!" And then I usually shake my head at just how awkward I was.

I've discovered that it's usually safest to underestimate people's kindness and then be surprised when they are nice. It usually works well for me. But one day, I forgot my door opening manifesto.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the BYU library (I should probably be a little more familiar with it...), there are two sets of double doors at the entrance. When I hit the door opener button (there has to be a more eloquent way of saying that...) both sets of doors open at the same time. That's four doors. It's like the parting of the Red Sea, which is a little excessive for me but it gets the job done.

One day, I was heading up to the library and walking behind an older gent. I'm assuming he was a professor. I was pretty close behind him so I assumed he'd hold the door for me. Wrong. The door closed in my face so I backed up and hit the access button (ah, that's better). Just as I hit the button, the door slamming chap got up to the second set of doors, which opened automatically as he was reaching for the handle.

And the doors smacked him in the face.

I felt bad. I really did. It was most likely an honest mistake on both ends. But like all embarrassing stories, it makes for a good one later.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sometimes, it's OK to...

-Tell every single person you see how excited you are for Thanksgiving and Christmas (They most likely agree. If they don't, run)
-Eat a burnt bagel for breakfast. And then burnt pizza for lunch (I'll let you know how Saturday goes).
-Stay in on a Saturday night and watch Little Manhattan and Hunger Games.
-Google "sometimes, it's OK..." to get some ideas for a blog post you're writing.
-To not like any of the results you got.
-Still be happy anyways because that was two (now three) ideas!
-Also question whoever said Sometimes it's OK to not keep your eyes on the road (who are you?!)
-Not take outfit pictures.
-To spend way too much time on Pinterest (I'm going to keep telling myself that)
-Be really attracted to Capt. Hook on Once Upon a Time.
-Be really glad the elections will be over in just a few days.
-To watch this video a million times

Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh yeah, Halloween.

Most college girls on Halloween:

I was a lumberjack. I had a beard. And an ax. And an attitude to match (not really).

We ate chili, watched Red Eye, hardly ate any candy (weird...), much fun was had.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Long time no....whatever.

Source: via Shelby on Pinterest

This picture is in no way related to this post. I just really like it. Yay for cute kids.

You know that awkward moment when you see a friend who just got back from some amazing vacation or just got engaged or something like that? And they say to you "Tell me about your life! What have you been up to?" And you just sit there...thinking...steam starts coming out your ears and you realize you haven't done anything exciting in the week or month or year since you've seen them last. And then you want to just to crawl into bed and cry?

Oh, you don't ever have that experience? Then what are you doing reading this blog? Go carry on with your crazy, exciting life and leave the rest of us to watch Say Yes to the Dress and eat an entire bag of Goldfish (slight exaggeration.)

Ok, so I have done more than just eat and watch TLC since I wrote last. I went home over the summer and got to hang out with my family and fwiends. I then came back to BYU to start my junior year of college. Yeah, junior year. That means I'm like, almost graduated. Weird.

I've got some wicked awesome content coming your way so stick around. Please?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tied T-Shirt aka A Jersey Outie

Dress//Target. T-shirt//stolen from my brother (Target).

This was the most comfortable outfit. Ever. No one can tell me differently. Jersey dress and a t-shirt. Can life get any better? No, I say.

Also, I'm still working on the whole t-shirt knotting thing. I love it but I also felt like I had a giant t-shirt outie. I think a few degree shift would make it all ok. Here's to summer and lots more t-shirt experimenting.