Saturday, October 20, 2012

Long time no....whatever.

Source: via Shelby on Pinterest

This picture is in no way related to this post. I just really like it. Yay for cute kids.

You know that awkward moment when you see a friend who just got back from some amazing vacation or just got engaged or something like that? And they say to you "Tell me about your life! What have you been up to?" And you just sit there...thinking...steam starts coming out your ears and you realize you haven't done anything exciting in the week or month or year since you've seen them last. And then you want to just to crawl into bed and cry?

Oh, you don't ever have that experience? Then what are you doing reading this blog? Go carry on with your crazy, exciting life and leave the rest of us to watch Say Yes to the Dress and eat an entire bag of Goldfish (slight exaggeration.)

Ok, so I have done more than just eat and watch TLC since I wrote last. I went home over the summer and got to hang out with my family and fwiends. I then came back to BYU to start my junior year of college. Yeah, junior year. That means I'm like, almost graduated. Weird.

I've got some wicked awesome content coming your way so stick around. Please?