Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I made a stunning observation today...

So, couples really like to make out in front my dorm building. I guess that's what happens when the little crusties have no where to go to express their....feelings. But we have been trying to figure out, why our door? Campus is some 30 acres! WHY OUR DOOR?! Well on my way to class I figured it out. Eureka! (Eureka is also the name of my favorite band Rooney's new album. Shameless plug done). it is!

Do you see it?!?!!? Yes? No?


19th Birthday Party

Anyone have an all-white room I could borrow? Oh and Locksley, you're invited too.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute Baby Animals

As inspired by my dear friend Kelli, it is high time for cute baby animal pictures. Why? Why not? Do not ask what cute baby animals can do for you but rather, what you can do for cute baby animals. And I can post them on my blog. Let's get to it. Enjoy my friends.
Ummmm.....where do I get me one of these?

over and out.

What I Wore....The Other Day Edition

I can't remember when I actually wore this. It was a Sunday, that I do know. I have been playing around with my Diana camera I got for Christmas. I had this brilliant plan of getting some of the pictures developed and posting them on here this week (that is, if they're any good. We'll see about that...) but apparently it takes BYU Photo a week to print Black and White 120 film. Who would have thought? Obviously not the guy at the counter who told me it would be ready Monday. So, here are some pictures with my Diana to fill the void of pictures from my Diana.

I got one color picture....and then the camera died.

My camera has this awesome film grain feature so I didn't even have to edit the first three pictures! FTW, camera. (That's for the win, mom). I'll do whatever I can to get cool looking pictures sans Photoshop. Is it just me or does Photoshop morph every time I log into it?
over and out.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh that hair...

This girl makes me want to have long hair again. And to have red hair (but not again). And curly hair (but not again, again). Oh and to be European (definitely not again).

Friday, March 18, 2011

Obsession Du Jour

Adele's new CD is awesome! This song is always in my head. Well, when this one isn't (click at your own risk....


Oh happy day! Modcloth had a sale!

Dress: Modcloth: $135 $40!
I've had my eye on this dress for quite some time. I also did not have $135 lying around. Ok I didn't really have $40 either but a small price to pay I suppose. Right...? Anyways, I found out Modcloth was having a huge sale. One thing led to another and in 2 weeks time, a stork dropped this little baby off at my doorstep. The day I was planning to wear it, my roommate also brought home the whole collection of the Jane Austen books but get this....miniaturized! So in honor of a new dress and new books, we had ourselves a little photoshoot. Photo creds to Miss Makyala.

PS. We had to endure a lot to take these pictures. The sun comes out and all the crusty couples emerge. I mean, they are always there. First they ruined our building's lobby for me and now they have to ruin the outdoors?! Come on!

What I Wore: Flower Power

I love these pins so much! I found them in my Grandma's house and she told me they were my great-grandma's. I then proceeded to pull the whole "Oh Grandma, I REEAALLLYYY like these!" (Whoever says they haven't done that is a bold faced liar). Lo and behold, I opened up a small package on Christmas morning and there they were! 

I was slightly apprehensive about wearing them with this blazer (ie "Oh I don't know. Do the colors go?!) And then I had an epiphany. WHO CARES?! I like it, I'm wearing it. Ok so it wasn't really an epiphany because that's how I usually think when it comes to fashion but it was my epiphany for the day. Everybody's gotta have 'em right?  

Unexpected Furniture Revamp

Have you ever found a great vintage piece of furniture at a garage sale or thrift store but went home without it because it had a lot of scratches, the color was not right for your home, it just looked a little too loved etc? Well, here is a solution for you. Spray paint! You read right! Spray paint is no longer just for middle school science projects and delinquent graffiti artists. If done right, spray paint can add new life to that fantastic chest of drawers, bookshelf or even plastic lawn chairs!


Pictures found here

1.      The type of spray paint is very important. As tempting as it is to buy a cheap can, don’t do it! In my experience, Krylon works the best. It isn’t very expensive and they have a ton of color and surface choices. I prefer the Gloss finish because it is easier to wipe down and if you prime first (more on that in a minute) it won’t be incredibly glossy.
2.      You will want to sand your piece of furniture a little. This will help even out any scratches and imperfections. Lightly sand and then wipe down with a wet cloth.
3.      If there are any parts of the furniture you don’t want painted, make sure to tape it off now. You’ll want to cover it with newspaper and make sure you get all the nooks and crannies covered.
4.      Next, you’ll prime. I like Kilz primer. Just spray it on there
5.      Next you’ll want to spray the furniture using your color (in a very well ventilated area mind you!) If it’s possible, spray outside. It needs to be at least 50 degrees to paint. The paint will crack if it is colder.
6.      If your furniture is going to have to with stand a lot of wear and tear, you may want to use a Polyacrylic sealer. This is simpler to use than polyurethane and won’t yellow.
If you are worried about fumes and their effect on the environment and your children, try Krylon’s H2O Latex. It has 55% less fumes, is non-toxic and cleans us with soap and water. Read more about it here.
This video shows the best technique to get an even covering.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Not Your Grandma's Wallpaper!

Most people have some reservations about wallpaper. I know I did! Maybe it’s the perceived permanence or maybe it’s just bad memories of Grandma’s house and her creepy cat. Well, whatever inflicted your wallpaper-anxiety, I have found something to forever erase your hesitation! Makelike wallpapers!

The whimsical prints are enough to make a grown woman giddy. Makelike wallpapers are all screen-printed and hand-made in Portland, OR. These would look great in a kid’s room or dining room alike! The “Forest” collection is calling my name!
Still apprehensive? Don’t worry; you can ease yourself into it. Makelike also offers awesome poster-sized versions and tea-towels as well!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

You know, when you get a massage, you sound like a Tijuana prostitute.

I love Modern Family. So. Much. This week, I got an app of just Modern Family quotes. Be still my soul. They are all from last season but I am so ok with that. I decided to read some quotes while I was sitting by myself in the Wilkinson Center, trying to kill a half hour. I had to restrain myself, I kid you not. My eyes were watering, I was pursing my lips just trying not crack up. But if all those people who gave me weird looks knew, they would understand.

Some of my personal favorites:

"Hey, mom! I think my diet's working. My underwear won't stay up!"-Manny                          
"We're like Ponce de Leon and his son, little Ponce"-Phil
"You're too funny. I'm going to share that one with my next husband when we're spending all your money"-Gloria
"If Haley never wakes up on a beach in Florida half naked, I've done my job"-Claire
"There must be someting wrong with this phone. I've rubbed it on my head for like an hour"-Haley
"Well, I'm probably going to have a Latino kid carry my clubs anyway. Might as well be you."-Jay
"We were called Fire and Nice. I was Fire because of the red hair and Claire was nice because it was ironic and she wasn't"-Mitchell
And the creme-de-la-creme....,vclip,4,0
(Sorry I still can't figure out how to embed this. But it's soooo worth opening a new window for)
"Pigeons aren't afraid of anything. They stand on power lines!"-Mitchell

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I Wore: Valentine's Day edition.

Do I realize it's March? Yes. Do I care? Well, yes actually (44 days until I will be back in Washington!). But I'm going to post what I wore on Valentin'es Day anyways. I wanted to be festive without being obnoxious (I'm talking to you couple who is constantly snogging in my dorm lobby...). Anyways, here is what I wore.

My mom made me this pin! Super easy. Super cute. Check out her blog here
Alright well, it's homework, it's homework tiiimmmmeee. I hope you all got that reference.

Over and out,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Never Say You'll Never Love Justin Bieber

It's just not gonna happen. I was not a huge fan of the Biebs just a couple weeks ago. His songs were ok but I probably wouldn't buy his CD. But I understood the appeal. Justin Bieber is to millions of tweens as the Jonas Brothers were to me. I get it. Man...why do they always have such luscious hair?! I digress. So in public relations class, we had to analyze a PR campaign. I wanted to do something in the entertainment industry. Hmmm what movie release has recently been huge? The one, the only, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never! So of course, I needed to see the movie before I wrote about it...duh. Well, let's just say I'm a true Belieber now. And so is my mother. She may or may not have shed a tear. It was really touching, ok?! So all in all, the paper went well. It could only be 7 pages and I easily could have written 10. Way to go Team Bieber...You've brought another mother daughter duo over to the Biebs side.

Not In My House!

Oh Rooney. I love you. So. Much. So does my mom. Which is why she came down to Utah. Not to see her daughter but to see your show. Ok and to see her daughter. Please don't ever stop making music and going on tour. I don't think my fragile 18 year old heart could handle it.

Mommy and me

Rooney's very own Taylor Locke. I'm pretty sure he was a little drunk the whole show
My Band. My Boys.
The show was at a place called Kilby Court. It was way cool! Sure, it was kind of a dive but at least we didn't have to step over homeless men to get to it like we do at my hometown venue! Overall, it was awesome.

Don't ever....

Go to Red Robin at 8 o' clock on a Friday night in the dating and engagment capital of the world. Ever.

9:30. Finally seated. Happy.


Yesterday in the Cannon Center, they had the cutest little pecan tarts. I'm not a huge fan of pecan pie but in such a cute form, I couldn't resist!

Pecan tart+my outfit=Thanksgiving in March