Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I Wore: The Adjustment Bureau edition

So this outfit doesn't really actually have anything to do with the Adjustment Bureau, other then the fact that I wore it yesterday when i watched the movie. Talk about trippy! Ok, trippy is a bad word because I'm sure there are some WAY more trippy things in the world. But, it was still super good.

Did I pick this on my own? Or was it fate that I picked it?
(Wow Shelby. Dramatic much?)

Cardigan//Nordstrom BP. Tshirt//Target (men's!).Scarf//Target. Jeans//Uh....?

My brother recently got rid of all his "tool tshirts". You know, since he has been working out so much, they are just to small and apparently looks like a tool wearing them. His words, not mine. (And we hear the working out part a lot). Whatever, that means 4 new shirts for me! So it is way to big to be worn alone but with a cardigan? C'est parfait.

Double bonus? It's a V-neck! I love v-necks but if I were to buy a women's one...well, let's just say there'd be a tank top under that sucker. The majority are totally fine on most people but my eight year old sized torso and the v just don't see...eye to eye? Collarbone to collar? Never mind.

Unrelated note, I need a photographer husband/boyfriend. All the best fashion blogs have them. Anyone?
Not that you're doing a bad job mom :) You're doing great. They are just funner to look at.

Monday, June 27, 2011

This is what we do on saturday nights

Me and Shane were going to go to a concert Saturday night and then some problems arose (long story). So instead, we went a got dinner and then came back to my house. One thing led to another and we ended up spending the next hour or so taking pictures of ridiculous things. You would be surprised how many ridiculous things I have in my house, most of them belonging to me. (Or maybe you wouldn't...) Anyways, here's what we did.

Don't ask why because we couldn't tell you.

Izzes are my absolute favorite!

We then proceeded tto hide things around the house for my family to happen upon. It provided for some laughs through the next few days.

And it wouldn't be a party without moustaches.

The end.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Two days ago, me and my friend Erin went to see a bunch of bands playing at El Corazon. We mostly went to see Ocean Grove but ended up really liking all the bands!

First up was a local band called Dylan Jakobsen.

Next was the oh-so-adorable Andrew Allen. If Jason Mraz, Colbie Calliat and Jack Johnson were to have a Canadian love child, it would him. (For reals, check him out!). We got to listen to 14 year old girls go on through his whole set about how "HAWWWTTTTT" he is.

This is Ocean Grove! All these guys make up the backup band for the Jonas Brothers (two posts in a row mentioning the Jonas Brothers?!) and that's how we heard about them. I've had a not so secret crush on Greg aka Garbo, bass player extraordinare for quite some time now. He has a blog but never really updates it. But if you go here to read through the archives, you'll fall in love too.

Last, the headliners, He is We. They are actually from Tacoma! I really liked them, but their acoustic mini-set was way better then the rest!

After the show, we got to meet Andrew Allen and the guys from Ocean Grove! Turns out all of John Taylor's (guy in the jersey) friends from high school went to BYU. He didn't though, because he isn't Mormon. (He wanted to make that very clear :) Me and Erin can now say we have officially met everyone involved in Jonas Brothers music (except for Ryan. He plays keys but his wife is having a baby so he decided he should, you oknow, go be a dad.)

We had a great time! The doors opened at 4:30 and were were in the car by 8:15! It was a perfect time! It was still light out (read: we didn't have to walk past the half-way house in the dark) and we still had time to get some frozen yogurt. Good music, cute boys and froyo? Good day. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Wore: Summertime edition

A couple of year's ago, I went to see Rooney in Seattle. It was my first time seeing them headline (I saw them when they opened for the Jonas Brothers...oh Jonas...) and I was stoked! After I saw them open for JB (that stands for Jonas Brothers, not Justin Bieber fyi.) I got all of their cds and listened to them non stop. Little did I know, the members of Rooney have great taste when it comes to picking opening bands. The Bridges and Locksley were the bands on this tour and I almost liked them more then Rooney. Almost. We met all three bands after and bought all the CDs and got them signed. I also got a Rooney shirt and Shane got a Bridges shirt. Not until we got home did I realize, "Oh man, those Bridges shirts are totes adorable! Why didn't I get one?!" I shared the sentiment with Shane and when I opened my birthday present a couple weeks later, there was a shirt! AND, it was signed! He contacted the band through Myspace (remeber Myspace?!) and they sent a shirt over! Now it is my absolute favorite tshirt ever and I would wear it every day if I could. Ok, I could be that doesn't mean I should...Remember that people.

Hat//Nordstrom BP (If you want to get all technical, it's actually my mom's...) TShirt//The Bridges. Cardigan and Skirt//Nordstrom BP

Trying out the signature nonchalant blogger pose.

Rings//1. Forever 21//2 and 3.Woodland Park Zoo gift shop (25 cents each! Whoohoo!)

Here are some videos by The Bridges! Watch and love.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What I Wore: No, I Don't Look Like A beach angel edition

Sweater//J.Crew thrifted. Dress (as top)//Forever 21. Skirt//Forever 21. Shoes//Target

Yep, I'm still in a sweater and tights. Ok enough about the weather. (Did I mention it kind of sucks?). Moving on.

Normally, I'm not a huge fan of dresses as tops. Basically, because it is too much work. First I gotta put the dress on, then the skirt. Then I gotta tuck the dress all up in it. No, I'll wear a shirt. (Anyone? No? Watch this.) Well yesterday, we were already late to church (don't ask how late) so I decided what the heck, I'll try it. I was quite pleased with the results.

We got a bunch of these little mushrooms ono clearence at Target. They had little gnomes at one point too but apparently, I'm not the only one with an odd obssession.

On an unrelated note, This is my most favorite sweater. Ever. Sorry other sweaters but you can just never compete. It's J.Crew but I got it for $3 at the thrift store. Ohhh yeeaaahhh. The only thing that is bad about loving something as much as I love this sweater is, what will I do if something were to happen to it?! It's already shrunk a little (Mom-"Oh no, we don't need to dry clean it!"). So what happens if an asteroid hits my house and I don't have time to grab it before the house goes up in flames? Or what if the next president declares orange sweaters to be illegal and we must burn it before the secret police find it? OR! What if it, heaven forbids, gets a hole? So many scenarios! Basically, I am on the lookout for another one just in case. So if you see something similar, let me know. It helps that Shane works at J.Crew...

And this is me swatting away the mosquitoes and bees that kept flying in my face! MMM...glamorous!

(Don't worry, they got one look of my face and left me alone.)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hipsters and Strawberries.

This weekend was our local festival. 2 years ago, I was the festival queen, so I have a fond place in my heart for it. Even if it is basically a community party. And not the kind of party where BYOB means bring your own burgers but rather, bring your own beer. And lots of it. Anyways, my friend lives in the heart of town meaning, the curbs of her street becomes a one level parking garage for the evening. We thought it would be a good time to have a little craft show!

"Everyone, crowd around. Look like there are a lot of people here." Hence, my father checking out my pendants...

I decided I would sell my Scrabble Tile Pendants. All the tutorials online make them look so stinking easy. Let me tell ya, they aren't. Ok maybe they aren't as bad as some other things but we went through several rounds of tiles before they had the nice finish we wanted. the secret? A blow torch. I'll leave it at that.

My dad actually thought of the name too! I mean, at the time, he was joking and I kind of laughed it off. And then later I got to thinking, "Huh, that might actually work!" I was struggling to come up with a name that still worked with my blog but wasn't the exact same. So Hipster Bling it is!

Wish I could take credit for the cute packaging...that was mostly mom too.

The weather wasn't so hot (wait, it's June and it's still raining?! Shocking!). Therefore, we didn't get as much foot traffic as we would have liked. Actually, we didn't get any foot traffic! Our only customers were our friends. Good thing we can get them to part with their money!
Even though we hardly sold anything, we had a lot of fun!
For those of you who are wondering, I should have an Etsy site up soon!!

After several hours trying to hawk our wares, I packed up my pendant suitcase and moved on to the next event. (Everything I needed; pendants, chalk boards, cork borad, easel, business cards and tablecloth; all fit very nicely in my suitcase. Perfect for guerilla crafting!)

Me and my bestie Shane were parade announcers! And no, we aren't related. By blood at least. We got to sit in the back of a pickup truck and talk for about two hours straight. Glamorous! We had a great time though! Most people didn't appreciate our humor but hey, that's alright!

We were basically an ad for Rushmore Tax.

My fader and broder. can we get a close up of my face?

Definiton of our relationship right there.

Shane-"Shelby, shut up! What are you doing?!"
Me-"So uh, yeah it's uh pretty cool"
Shane-"I don't know what you're talking about!"

Please tell me other people get that reference!