Saturday, April 13, 2013

Work in progress and a little Parks & Rec

So, this isn't the promised blog revamp. Just a...sorta-vamp. I took a design class this year so I figured I would have no problem designing my blog. Well, I didn't have a problem designing it but boy, actually putting it in some sort of language a computer can read...that's another question...

 In the meantime, this will do. I'll find some one who can teach me the technical stuff. Or I'll fork over the $100 to have someone do it. (Oh my heart, it hurts!) Or maybe I'll do both.

 Anywho, I threw a fun party a while ago (*cough* February 13 *cough*) for GALENTINE'S DAY! As an aspiring Leslie Knope, it only fit.

Blurry iPhone photos or it didn't happen!

Gifts for the Gals, Photo Booth props (that we forgot to use) and a little last minute Valentine artwork.

Close up. Don't mind the fold in the middle of the picture. I forgot that an 8.5x11 piece of paper doesn't quite fit in a 8x10 frame #reasonimaPRmajor

We did Leslie proud and had a waffle bar

The Gals. Some thought it was a goofy picture, apparently.