Friday, May 4, 2012

I love myself and I hate myself.

Skirt//Forever 21. Shirt//Target. Cardigan//Target. Belt//Forever 21. Shoes//Target. Earrings//Forever 21   

This is me. Buying another tiered skirt hanger. I love myself and I hate myself.  
I have made it throw my first 2 weeks of spring semester. I have written 2 article for The Universe. See here and here. I have a few more good ones up my sleeves but if you have any ideas of articles you'd like to read our events going on around the Provo area, let me know!

Now, go up a picture and look at where I got everything I was wearing in that outfit. Forever 21 and Target. All of it. I have a problem. I mean, that's probably better then Neiman Marcus and J. Crew right?

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