Friday, December 4, 2009

an outfit of bargains.

i like cheap things. i just do. clothes (and everything!) are so much more fun when they are cheap. i didn't realize it until later in the day but everything i'm wearing has a good bargain story.

cardi{steve&barry's} striped shirt{oldnavy} skirt{pacsun} tights{nordstrom rack} boots{oldnavy} earrings{gift}

sweater: $2 at steve&barry's closing sale. i was just grabbing things if they seemed kinda cute and fell in love with a few sweaters i got. nothing over $5. hello!

shirt: $10 well, nothing super special. just oldnavy so it's cheap haha.

skirt: $5 at pacsun. on the clearance rack at the end of summer. it has a super sweet waistband too.

tights: $5 at nordstrom rack. i found these tights at anthro for $12, was going to buy them but didn't cause the line was too long and i had to get to my {bp fashion board meeting}. i was just going to go back after. got done with my meeting and the mother had found them at the rack. sweet!

boots: $3 at oldnavy. got these a few years ago before people were wearing slouchy boots. htey were cheap and cute so i bought them. wore them a few times, almost got rid of them and now i wear them all the time!

earrings: my friend maribel or m made these for me. just a button glued to an earring back!

outfit total: $25


over and out.

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