Friday, December 4, 2009

a lot of fake leather.

my outfit today comprised of a lot of fake leather. didn't really think about it until i looked at the pictures. oh well! it's freaking cold here. ok, by seattle standards. i'm sure you all in michigan laugh when we say it's cold but holy moly, 27 degrees is not fun. i was having a hard time figuring out how to stay warm in dresses during the winter when the cute girl over at {delightfully tacky} posted how she keeps from getting frostbite in dresses up in the great white land of Alaska. ready for this?

multiple layers of tights!

holy moly why didn't i think of that? it's so simple! and let me tell you, it works brilliantly! two layers of tights and boots and its's just like you are wearing jeans. can you say "awesome!"? cause i can.


jacket {nordstrom} dress {thrifted} belt {nordstrom} tights {fred meyer sock sale?} boots {love culture}

this dress is super awesome, warm and japanese. that's right. the tag is in japanese. sure it made it a little difficult to know how to wash it the first time but who cares! and the boots i surprisingly got at love culture. it's one of those stores that you have to dig through the sleaze to find the cute. i feel as though i was successful. this time.

over and out.


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