Thursday, April 28, 2011

Totes a crafternoon.

Home sweet home! I'm in good ol' Warshington for the next 4 months on "summer" vacation. Feels more like Christmas break right now unfortunatley.

The universe was feeling awesome however and made sure me and Kelli would be home on the same weekend so we got to spend some goofball bonding time. First on the agenda, a trip to Seattle with Becs and Kel for some shopping, eating, eating and shopping.

Cheesecake factory. We really like brown bread.
After our Seattle shenagians, Kelli and I chose a little more low-key way to spend the next day. A crafternoon.

Our wares.
feather earring. apparently everyone is wearing them. I've been in a bubble. also, I was informed that you only wear one, and never two in one ear. Jessica Beal got slammed for that. Thanks mom.

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  1. All the jewlery you made is so darn cute! Dang, I want some! haha.