Monday, October 24, 2011

"Stupid Hemoglobin!"

Guys. I'm obsessed with Instargram. And wearing outfits that don't really match (I've got some good ones for ya. Yeah, they're old but so what, who cares? anyone?)

Now, we are fortunate enough to have laundry facilities in our apartment (can I get a woot woot?!) But my roommates decided to be outstanding citizens and give blood. They were doing it at one of the freshman housing complexes so while I waited, me and my iron deficient roommate, Makayla, went and hijacked the laundromat for some good old fashioned pictures. (Get it, I took them with Instagram...Yeah? Eh? No? Ok.)


  1. Ha! I love your style of writing! Great outfit!

  2. Hemoglobin is awesome! You're awesome Shelby!!

  3. i only opened this blog post because i thought it would be about hemoglobin...