Monday, March 19, 2012

Current State of the Union

Elizabeth Messina for Ruche

In the Clique series, at the end of each day, Massie Block would write her "Current State of the Union" so I thought I would follow suit and do at least a weekly rundown of what's happenin'.

And I don't know about what Massie does in the Clique series because I read them all. And I especially didn't read the last one while driving to Utah for my sophomore year of college. Preposterous.

Feeling: Crafty. All I want to do is make pretty things and look at pretty things. I unfortunately have neither time nor space nor money for crafty supplies. I have been working in my Smash book though! Here's to pseudo scrapbooking!

Watching: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! Tonight, we finally find out who "A" is. Thank. Goodness.

Reading: Uh....textbooks. I need to start a good book. I've got a wishlist on Amazon going though so hopefully I can do some reading in a couple weeks once school winds down a little.

Listening to: Ben l'Oncle. Yay frenchies!

Drinking: Peach tea. Oh man. Alison like drinking this and I had had a sip here and there and thought it was good but yesterday I actually had my own. It was fantastic (and a great excuse to use my teacup!)

Eating: Corned beef and cabbage. MMMMM.

Craving: Indian food. Hopefully going this week!

Weather: It snowed this morning and then got super nice and sunny. It's still a little chilly but sunny.

School: Just getting over the hump. 2 more weeks and it'll all be down hill from there!

Something fun I did last week: Saturday night, I stayed home by myself, watched Harry Potter and doodled. It was marvelous. Wow, I sound pathetic. But believe me, it was great.

Looking forward to: Hunger Games! I am going on Thursday with my aunt and I CANNOT wait. I'm not only excited to see the movie but to also hang out with her!

So there it is friends. As time goes on, I'll probably add to the list but here's a pretty good summary of what's up.

EDIT: I already forgot the whole Over and Out thing! So, uh...

Over and Out.

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