Friday, March 16, 2012

Identity Crisis

(I googled identity crisis and this popped up. I just like her hair.)

I'm going through a blogging identity crisis my friends. I don't really know what I want me little buddy here to be. Is it a fashion blog? Is it a lifestyle blog? Is it an essay blog? IS IT EVEN A BLOG?! (That's what an identity crisis will do to a girl. I took a few deep breathes and I'm ok now.) 

So, as I am not one to present a problem without a solution, here is what I'm going to do about it.

  1. Read more.
  2. Post more.
  3. Write more (on the blog and on, oh what's that thing called...oh yeah, paper)
  4. Take more pictures.
  5. Actually do some of things I see on Pinterest.
  6. Do something creative at least once a week. (see above)
  7. Dance.
I'm telling you all this because I'm going to need your help in this difficult journey to self-discovery (again, this is what an identity crisis will do to a girl. why so dramatic?) So starting with number one, what are some of your favorite non-fashion, non-lifestyle blogs? Who are the best, but still fun, writers out there on the interwebs?

Comment and your name will be put in a drawing. My sponsor, Shelby's Hand, will be giving away a high-five to a commenter drawn at random.

Over and Out.

     8. End all my posts with Over and Out.



    That's the one I was talking about in Humanities :)

  2. Oh she is awesome! Love it! Thanks so much! One step closer! Woot!