Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've been a bad blogger

It's very true. I sat here trying to come up with some awesome excuse.....but I couldn't come up with one. (And I am fantastic at making excuses. Fantastic.) So this is me, not being a bad blogger. A while ago, my friend's sister in law took my senior pictures (woah. Senior? I know, crazy). I had so much fun! I had never really done a "photo shoot" before, especially not one I put together! Here are my favorites from the day!

inspiration from the lovely elsie flannigan. I went back through her archives and couldn't find the picture but check out her other cuteness {here)

Izze's drank from paper straws are really the only way to go.

This awesome barn is right down the street from my house! I sorta live in the sticks but I love it!

I just like gnomes. That's all.

More examples of the farms by my house.

Check out my fantastic photog's other work {here}
ps. the pictures of the girl jumping around crazy? That's my cute friend Kelli.

So....are we good now? I solemly swear to post more. Promise.
Over and out.

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