Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You have learned well young grasshopper.

This is my brother. On the left is what he usually wears. The shorts are no doubt filthy and probably haven't been washed in a couple weeks. He thought that teeshirt was the funniest thing ever. And those slippers....I don't know what else I can say. On the right, is what he wore to the 8th grade dance! It was all his idea too! (Except the hat. You can't expect him to get it all right on his own at his age can you?) He reported that all the girls kept saying he was "sooooo adorable" (imagine a girl with WAY to much eyeliner and a super short skirt saying that.) He also came home with several bobby pins clipped to his vest and tie. Bobby pins are the new love note? *clips bobby pin on cute boy and runs away giigling*

Either way, I'm proud. Now where are those shorts and the five million like them? I want to try out my new matches...

ps. please excuse the goofy expression on the right. he is just way too cool for pictures.

Over and Out.


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