Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July or How our neighbors blew up $1000

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I know we did. Good food, friends, fireworks, no trips to the emergency room; what more could you ask for?! We had our who-knows-how-many annual friend party. It's us and 2 other families every year! Sometimes other people join us, sometimes they don't. Apparently, people go out of town for the 4th of July! Crazy! :) 

There were cute mommy-made decorations, good food and possibly staged, over-animated conversations. (I don't know what happened with my hand...)

First, we have your fountains. Now let me explain something. I have an incredibly rational-irrational fear of fireworks. It all began with a piece of firework shrapnel landing in my eye at the tender age of 8. I wasn't physically injured but it sure hurt my pyrotechnic pride. Ever since then, I can't enjoy the fireworks without planning escape routes in case of a rouge mortar. This is why I love me some fountains. All the bang without the boom. Pretty colors with out the horrible sound. As long as you aren't withing 10 feet, if it falls over, you're good. My family made fun of my silly love all night but I am here to say: Fountains, I appreciate you.

Next up, we have your standard mortars.Now, we live on an indian reservation, which means when it comes to fireworks (and many other things), anything goes. Every year, they set up a big firework market where they sell everything. And I mean, everything! As you would expect, it is quite the unsavory place. I went once and I don't need to go again. Think of any outdoor market in a third world country you've been to, add drugs, alcohol and explosives and you've got Boom City.

My neighbor's relatives own a both at the illegal-anywhere-else explosive Mecca, so every year, they put on quite the show. We spend our 10 bucks on some sparklers and firecrackers (my brother) and then spend the evening watching them blow up their hard earned cash into a million colorful pieces. And we can watch them without craning our necks to see them. It's a win-win really.

Now here we have a paper lantern a la Tangled. Now THIS, this I was down with. I think it should be a law that everyone in the US has to light off 20 of these on 4th of July. I think I'll run for president just for this reason. They. Are. Awesome!

Sick of pictures yet? Almost done! Finally we broke out the sparklers! Well, what was left of them after my brother made a sparkler bomb. (Do you know how loud 96 sparklers wrapped in electrical tape and then ignited sound? Loud.) I hoped to get some cute ones spelling out things like "love" and "4th of July" but by the time I got over my rational yet irrational fear, there was one left. oh well. Next year!

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