Sunday, July 3, 2011

What I Wore: Hip, French, Housewife edition

Those are the three words that came to my mind when it comes to this outfit. The combination of stripes, headscarves, and pedal pushers will do that to a girl.

I've been wanting to try a headscarf for a long time but I was always worried about it falling out! I'm proud to say (that with the help of some bobby pins) it stayed put all day (with only a few minor adjustments)! 
 I am infatuated with this scarf. It's a little pathetic actually. I have about a million outfits floating around in my head and I have to remind myself that I can't wear it everyday! (I have to give the other scarves a chance you know?) My mom really likes it too...We're trying to figure out who will get it when I leave for school...

I've been looking for horseshoe jewelery of some sort for a while. Well the other day my mom decided to go through an old box of her childhood things. One thing led to another and I was in possession of a pair of horseshoe earrings! Unfortunately, she can't remember where they came from or why she had them but I love them none the less!

These shoes have a good story too. I'll tell you sometime. I think we've had enough stories for today :) (and it gives me something else to blog about hehe)

And  here is the video I used to tie my scarf! I did a combination of the two of them.

ps. Search "How to tie a scarf" and YouTube will suck you in for hours...So...Many...Ways!!

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