Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I wore: Camp edition

So, I saw this thing on a blog that showed how to pack for an 8 day trip with only 8 items. I think it was 5 tops and 3 shirts. That adds up to 8 right? Ok just checking. There's a reason I'm taking 4 semesters of French instead of one semester of math...Anyways, I thought, "Oh hey, I'm gonna be away from my closet for 10 days! I should try to do that! Why, I've always wanted to do the 30x30 challenge! This is close! And by golly, I can take pictures everyday and then blog about it! 2 weeks of blogging, done!"

Now on the surface, this sounds like a reasonable challenge! Except I didn't really think about 3 things. Laundry, weather and having absolutely zero free time; all things that are very important to a fashion blogger.

So between the stains, the late July downpours (what's a heatwave?!) and the schedule that had me leaving my room at 7 am and getting back at 11 pm, let's just say the blog challenge didn't quite go as planned. Oh I wore only the 10 (ok maybe more like 12) items allotted, but the documentation? That's a different story. Early and late hours and dark UW dorm rooms to not make for the best pictures.

So here is one outfit that the pictures actually turned out all right for!

Skirt//Thrifted and altered. Cardigan//Nordstrom. Tank//H&M. Necklace//Locket 2 You. Shoes//Target

I bought this necklace (along with way to many others things) a couple of weeks ago at Urban Craft Uprising. Guys, if they do a show in your area, go! Every year I go and it is the greatest! (I'll post pictures of the rest of my loot soon :) Anyways, I love Locket 2 You necklaces!! This is my second one, and even thought the guy at the booth graduated from the University of Utah, I'll keep buying them! Check out their shop!

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