Thursday, February 16, 2012

Denim Shirt//TJMaxx. Shirt//Vintage (Mom's!). Skirt//Thrifted. Tights//?. Leg Warmers//?. Boots//Forever 21. Lipstick//MAC Russian Red.

Guys. T-Shirts and skirts are like the greatest things ever. It's just as comfy as wearing a t-shirt and jeans but better. I'm a firm believer. 

This same day, my eyes were super irritated and red. I'm not totally sure why but they were. I knew I would have to wear glasses so I figured I might as well roll with it, you know.

I found this t-shirt in a bag of my mom's old clothes. It says "The Best Girls Are From Hood River, Oregon". She lived there for a while and I think my mom is pretty cool so I guess it's true. And you know, the second best girls come from Marysville, Washington. Oh who am I kidding.

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  1. Can I just say, the glasses . . . so CUTE! They should become an everyday accessory.