Thursday, February 9, 2012


Last January, I was talking with my mom.
"Oh my gosh, have you heard of Downton Abbey?!"
"No. I live in the dorms. If the Australia all the sudden disappeared I wouldn't find out until 3 days later. I know nothing of the world."
"Ok, well you should try to find it on Hulu."

And then I promptly forgot. When I got home, she said we needed to watch it. We sat down one Sunday afternoon to watch the first episode (Costco had it on DVD for $15. Holla!).

First episode ends: "Oh. My. Gosh"

3 am, last episode ends: "When does the new season start?! JANUARY?! BBC! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!?!?!"

So this year, of course I had to catch my roommates up on it (to not only enlighten them but to also save myself from questions. And who doesn't want to watch it again? It was a win-win-win) We bought the first season and watched it over a few Sundays (we had a little more self control). Now we are all addicted.

We watch each new episode. We yell at the screen. We cry. We tell boys they can't come over during it. And when it's over, I am exhausted. 

We look forward to it every week. I have been known to have a countdown once it hits about 1 on Sunday afternoon.

And if the drama wasn't enough, those dresses? The decor? The attractive men? Yes.


On a semi-related note, guess who just found out BYU has a History of fashion course?
This girl. Fall 2012, I'm coming for you.

EDIT: Have you guys seen the SNL sketch? I can't post it here but if you watch the Channing Tatum episode, you'll see it.

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