Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I Wore: The Adjustment Bureau edition

So this outfit doesn't really actually have anything to do with the Adjustment Bureau, other then the fact that I wore it yesterday when i watched the movie. Talk about trippy! Ok, trippy is a bad word because I'm sure there are some WAY more trippy things in the world. But, it was still super good.

Did I pick this on my own? Or was it fate that I picked it?
(Wow Shelby. Dramatic much?)

Cardigan//Nordstrom BP. Tshirt//Target (men's!).Scarf//Target. Jeans//Uh....?

My brother recently got rid of all his "tool tshirts". You know, since he has been working out so much, they are just to small and apparently looks like a tool wearing them. His words, not mine. (And we hear the working out part a lot). Whatever, that means 4 new shirts for me! So it is way to big to be worn alone but with a cardigan? C'est parfait.

Double bonus? It's a V-neck! I love v-necks but if I were to buy a women's one...well, let's just say there'd be a tank top under that sucker. The majority are totally fine on most people but my eight year old sized torso and the v just don't see...eye to eye? Collarbone to collar? Never mind.

Unrelated note, I need a photographer husband/boyfriend. All the best fashion blogs have them. Anyone?
Not that you're doing a bad job mom :) You're doing great. They are just funner to look at.

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