Saturday, January 7, 2012

A place to rest your head.

So. I just realized, I never showed you guys pictures of my new flat (too pretentious? Ok, apartment)! Here are some pictures of my room. It's slightly more ehhh how do you say? Lived in? now but it's a cozy place. The rest of my apartment isn't super exciting (ok, except for our sweet "Christmas" lights) but maybe I'll put up some pictures of the rest of my pad as well.

Quilt, heart garland and monster made by mom. Print by Elsie Flanigan (now Larson). Frames from Ikea painted by me. Embroidered tree by me. Thrifted owl. Sock monkey collection.

Various lawn gnomes, owls, Lalaloopsy dolls (I really need some kids so I don't feel as weird buying them but they are just soooooo cute!). Books. Scrapbooks. South lake Union poster from Seattle Met magazine.

Closet (strangest designed closet I've ever seen). Dresser with silk scarves hanging on the side. Makeup in Ikea baskets. Deer head ring holder see {here}. Jewelery box from the thrift store that we painted and put new fabric in.

Paper lanterns were my mom's! "You are an original" print from Target. Watermill embroidery from the thrift store. CTR embroidery by me. Washington State print from {LivyLoveDesigns. Mirror from the dollar store. Print from.....ah! I can't remember! I got it at Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle. And last but not least, Hurricane Ridge print from....wait for it....REI! My brother and dad were getting some camping equipment and they had a series of vintage national park posters! I saw it and knew it had to be mine. I mean, it's a whole lot cheaper then a backpacking backpack!

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