Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I Wore: Swoosh! Cecil! (Note: this post is in no way related to BYU Basketball)

Shirt (underneath)//Atlas Vintage. Sweater//Target. Pants//Nordstrom BP. Boots//Forever 21. Arm warmers//Target. Bag//Forever 21.

Guys. It got cold all of the sudden. What the heck. The last few days were so stinking warm! Like, 50 degrees warm (don't laugh at me, you SoCal readers. Yeah, that's right. I just called it SoCal.) Anyways, it's cold. But no snow. My one dream in life is for it to snow SO much that BYU cancels school and we get stuck in our apartment with all of our friends for a few days. Considering no one can remember the last time BYU actually cancelled an entire day of classes, I think I'll just keep on dreaming. 

On a related note, is it illegal to spray down all the major roads into campus with a hose at freezing temperatures? If so, how long would one go to jail...?

Cecil, calm down. I'm only kidding.

EDIT: Don't know who Cecil is? You're missing out! See {here} and {here}

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