Saturday, March 12, 2011

You know, when you get a massage, you sound like a Tijuana prostitute.

I love Modern Family. So. Much. This week, I got an app of just Modern Family quotes. Be still my soul. They are all from last season but I am so ok with that. I decided to read some quotes while I was sitting by myself in the Wilkinson Center, trying to kill a half hour. I had to restrain myself, I kid you not. My eyes were watering, I was pursing my lips just trying not crack up. But if all those people who gave me weird looks knew, they would understand.

Some of my personal favorites:

"Hey, mom! I think my diet's working. My underwear won't stay up!"-Manny                          
"We're like Ponce de Leon and his son, little Ponce"-Phil
"You're too funny. I'm going to share that one with my next husband when we're spending all your money"-Gloria
"If Haley never wakes up on a beach in Florida half naked, I've done my job"-Claire
"There must be someting wrong with this phone. I've rubbed it on my head for like an hour"-Haley
"Well, I'm probably going to have a Latino kid carry my clubs anyway. Might as well be you."-Jay
"We were called Fire and Nice. I was Fire because of the red hair and Claire was nice because it was ironic and she wasn't"-Mitchell
And the creme-de-la-creme....,vclip,4,0
(Sorry I still can't figure out how to embed this. But it's soooo worth opening a new window for)
"Pigeons aren't afraid of anything. They stand on power lines!"-Mitchell

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