Friday, March 18, 2011

What I Wore: Flower Power

I love these pins so much! I found them in my Grandma's house and she told me they were my great-grandma's. I then proceeded to pull the whole "Oh Grandma, I REEAALLLYYY like these!" (Whoever says they haven't done that is a bold faced liar). Lo and behold, I opened up a small package on Christmas morning and there they were! 

I was slightly apprehensive about wearing them with this blazer (ie "Oh I don't know. Do the colors go?!) And then I had an epiphany. WHO CARES?! I like it, I'm wearing it. Ok so it wasn't really an epiphany because that's how I usually think when it comes to fashion but it was my epiphany for the day. Everybody's gotta have 'em right?  

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