Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What I Wore....The Other Day Edition

I can't remember when I actually wore this. It was a Sunday, that I do know. I have been playing around with my Diana camera I got for Christmas. I had this brilliant plan of getting some of the pictures developed and posting them on here this week (that is, if they're any good. We'll see about that...) but apparently it takes BYU Photo a week to print Black and White 120 film. Who would have thought? Obviously not the guy at the counter who told me it would be ready Monday. So, here are some pictures with my Diana to fill the void of pictures from my Diana.

I got one color picture....and then the camera died.

My camera has this awesome film grain feature so I didn't even have to edit the first three pictures! FTW, camera. (That's for the win, mom). I'll do whatever I can to get cool looking pictures sans Photoshop. Is it just me or does Photoshop morph every time I log into it?
over and out.

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