Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Kind of a Funny (French) Story

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This is what happened. We were having french speaking exams. I have a love hate relationship with speaking exams. The good: it's a lot easier to BS your way through when you don't have to think about spelling too. The bad: deer in the headlights syndrome. We always had our exams in a room down a very long hallway and there is an exact point on the way down after that without fail, everything comes flooding back. "Oh yeah, Bonjour! that's how you say Hello!" Embarrasing. This time the embarrasment happened during the exam.

My teacher asked me what foods I ate on Christmas.

Moi (what I thought I said): Nous avons mange du jambon. (We ate ham).
Moi (what I really said): Nous avons mange le jambe. (We ate the leg, as in human leg)

Bon travaille, Shelby.

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  1. Bahaha!
    Feel your pain - I freaking hated those speaking exams.