Thursday, May 19, 2011

What I Wore: Menswear meets Polka Dots

I hate the weather right now. Yeah it's gorgeous but it makes for difficult dressing. It's too cold for skirts and bare legs (especially when those bare legs are MY bare legs) but it's too warm for tights. My solution? capris. Who woulda thought. Unfortunatley (or fortunatley, which ever way you look at it) Sunday rolled around and pants aren't an option. My solution numero deux? Thin skirt with tights. Ohhh yeaahhh. I love the menswear blazer and stripes with the ultra girly polka dots. Just enough of a contrast, or as my AP Literature teacher would have me say, juxtaposition. Oh yes, that just happened.

Ps. Sorry about the crappy indoor pictures. I guess I forgot the sun goes down?

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