Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Wore: Someone get me a fresh baked apple pie edition

Or for you Gleeks, Get me a cloth to scrub clean my grapes with edition

Sweater: Nordstrom $16//Top: Plato's Closet $8//Skirt: Nordstrom $13//Cardigan clip: Gift from the mommy

It's not often I say this but this outfit makes me so stinking happy! Sure most of it is new (and cheap!), but I promise that's not the reason. I love outfits that have a doppelganger in some picture from the '40s or '50s.

Emma Pilsbury actually inspired my new found love for cardigan clips. Not only are they adorable but functional (can I get a "oh yeah! I've had a nice breeze come by, blow back my cardigan and reveal a bit much"?). Well, I've been looking for one (or several) for quite some time now. A couple days ago, I found a tutorial to make your own. I showed my mom, she said "oh cute" walked out of the room and came back holding this bad boy with a "I meant to give this to you at Christmas and forgot" or what I like to call, simply prolonging the Christmas spirit.

Another thing I like? Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale (hence the skirt and cardigan). Even if I do go towards the end of the sale and the Asians have cleaned out the size 5 shoes, I can still manage to find some good "deals" (relatively speaking that is).

ps is it bad of me that while in the valley of death aka relief society (lovingly named so because there are about 5 women in the whole group under the age of 50), I was hoping one of the older ladies would say, "I have a whole bunch of cardigan clips from when I was a young whippersnapper like yourself. Would you like me to bring them for you?" Yeah it probably was. Don't worry though because it didn't happen.

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  1. This outfit is adorable and so are you. Your blog makes me giggle.