Thursday, June 23, 2011


Two days ago, me and my friend Erin went to see a bunch of bands playing at El Corazon. We mostly went to see Ocean Grove but ended up really liking all the bands!

First up was a local band called Dylan Jakobsen.

Next was the oh-so-adorable Andrew Allen. If Jason Mraz, Colbie Calliat and Jack Johnson were to have a Canadian love child, it would him. (For reals, check him out!). We got to listen to 14 year old girls go on through his whole set about how "HAWWWTTTTT" he is.

This is Ocean Grove! All these guys make up the backup band for the Jonas Brothers (two posts in a row mentioning the Jonas Brothers?!) and that's how we heard about them. I've had a not so secret crush on Greg aka Garbo, bass player extraordinare for quite some time now. He has a blog but never really updates it. But if you go here to read through the archives, you'll fall in love too.

Last, the headliners, He is We. They are actually from Tacoma! I really liked them, but their acoustic mini-set was way better then the rest!

After the show, we got to meet Andrew Allen and the guys from Ocean Grove! Turns out all of John Taylor's (guy in the jersey) friends from high school went to BYU. He didn't though, because he isn't Mormon. (He wanted to make that very clear :) Me and Erin can now say we have officially met everyone involved in Jonas Brothers music (except for Ryan. He plays keys but his wife is having a baby so he decided he should, you oknow, go be a dad.)

We had a great time! The doors opened at 4:30 and were were in the car by 8:15! It was a perfect time! It was still light out (read: we didn't have to walk past the half-way house in the dark) and we still had time to get some frozen yogurt. Good music, cute boys and froyo? Good day. 

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