Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What I Wore: Roller Derby edition

A couple days ago, we went to roller derby! It. Was. AWESOME! Now I didn't quite know what to expect as my only experience with roller derby was from "Whip It!" but either way, I knew it would be rough and tumble.

I decided to go with a bit of a pinup vibe for my outfit du jour. Mostly becuase I found this scarf at the thrift store and needed an excuse to wear it!

I also decided to try out winged tip eyeliner and it actually worked this time! Usually, it just ends up looking more like eyesmears as opposed to eyeliner. My brother took one look at me and said I looked like Lady Gaga. Ok....

So BA!

And the ref got pummeled and broke her leg. I think this a sport I'm good with just watching....

And the best part of the whole evening....

These kids followed the mascot around for the whole quarter. It was almost more entertaining then the roller derby itself!

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  1. You look amazeballs in red lipstick (sorry for the stalker-like deluge of comments-just happened upon your blog and am happy about it) :)